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Insurrection is a prominent endgame kinship on Arkenstone.  Our members excel in every aspect of the game -- many of the highest ranked PvMP Free Peoples on the server belong to Insurrection, we have Supreme Master crafters in every profession, and our members are friendly and helpful to one another and to other players in the game.

Our primary focus is on raiding and we seek mature, highly-skilled players who enjoy similar content.  Insurrection has routinely conquered all of the most difficult encounters Turbine has created within days or weeks of its release while maintaining equality in our membership that allows everyone to experience the endgame content.  Maturity, skill, dedication, and honor are the qualities we most look for in our members.

Recruitment is highly selective, and attitude, even more than skill level, is the most important quality we look for -- we can teach raiding mastery, but we can't teach a positive, mature attitude. Characters at the level cap and players over age 18 are strongly preferred. Our website will have an updated status of class recruitment priorities. However, please feel free to apply even if your class is closed to recruitment.

You can fill out an application by clicking "Join Insurrection" at the top of the website.  The application FAQ can be found here.  Please remember that applying to Insurrection is an interactive process!
The_Belain 11/26/2015 8:01 PM
Balin sucks!
adonion 10/19/2015 5:59 PM
My steam id: 83524726
Wolfleader9 10/12/2015 12:22 PM
Beerdrinker09 6/18/2015 2:15 PM
right on - whats your steam tag?
Balin12 6/13/2015 3:24 PM
adonion 5/12/2015 2:05 AM
I mostly play steam games, not big into MMOs right now. I know gorstag plays EVE. A few of us have a TS if you guys ever want the info pm me on steam.
Beerdrinker09 3/28/2015 8:17 AM
are any of you currently playing a different mmo or looking forward to an upcoming one?
Beerdrinker09 3/8/2015 3:01 PM
cause why not? everyone log back on for old time's sake :P
adonion 3/4/2015 2:01 AM
how is this website still alive?
Gloriandor 3/4/2015 1:58 AM
Cheers to the best of times!
Insurrection News    

The assault on Orthanc continues.

nolins12, Apr 11, 12 4:02 PM.
Congrats on the recent Shadow T2 kill, Thanks to all who helped. Acid will be soon to follow, keep up the good work.

Creatures of the Deep Stir, But Insurrection Stands Firm

quros, Apr 4, 11 4:35 AM.
Insurrection has been facing the evils of Ost Dunhoth in full force.  Congratulations on the recent Ivar T2 HM kill.  No foe can long endure our assault.

It once was green, but no longer....

quros, Nov 30, 09 7:28 PM.
Gather your strength.  Mirkwood has arrived.....

All is undone.....

quros, Jun 25, 09 6:49 AM.
Thanks to everyone in the kinship for the epic dedication and time commitment put into Dar Narbugud over the past two nights.  From the crafting to the preparatory instance running to the fake work excuses so we could be home to raid ;), we have witnessed an impressive effort of team and individual achievement. 

Tonight, a kin group completed our first full clear of the instance: Dots, Ferox, Gloriandor, Hefe, Thorken, Quatch, Ceolhem, Relo, Fierceleader, Ochra, Sarkasm, and Namirial Mistress-Slayer.  Congratulations to them and to everyone else in the kinship for all their hard work.

The Mistress may believe that all is undone, but Insurrection will continue to brave the depths of DN to add insult to the many injuries we have inflicted on the orcs, nameless, and fumaroles therein. =D

Watcher 2.0 Down

quros, Mar 22, 09 11:09 PM.
After some interesting "learning" (= wiping!), the Watcher 2.0 met his downfall tonight. 

The group that ended up defeating him was Lionidis, Cabosse, Pills, Kaedran, Kinloar, Quatch, Azazil, Ochra, Gutven, Hefe, Legilos, and Namirial, but enormous thanks goes to all the members of the kinship who contributed so much on the learning runs and all the officers who organized them.  Tonight's success would not have been possible without it.  Also, a big thank you to Sturmer and DHB for letting us mooch some hope turn-ins!  :)

And finally, mega-grats to Skele for the epic roll:

The Vile Maw Cleared - Three Groups at Once!

ImaHater, Jan 30, 09 8:11 PM.
On Friday, Jan. 30, 2009, Insurrection fielded 3 successful, simultaneous Watcher raids!  Congratulations to all who helped accomplish this feat!

Raid 1: Dwarrowdel, Gutven, Koruptd, Arturia, Aislynne, Aryante, Ferox, Nodoka, Arifin, Terron, Silsairin and Namirial

Raid 2: Busheedo, Ochra, Ceolhem, Illthalion, Bravwarden, Gyrfalcon, Kinload, Arlowyn*, Rivaalan, Relo, Okra and Callivar

Raid 3: Quatch, Ihatebombs, Chukidor, Easy, Peonia, Memnock, Belthazar, Azazil, Dots, Stolix, Tamorin and Edheluila


(*Arlowyn was an applicant at the time of the raid)

MORIA is upon us....

quros, Nov 17, 08 9:08 PM.
...We fought far under the living earth, where time is not counted....Far, far below the deepest delving of the Dwarves, the world is gnawed by nameless things.  Even Sauron knows them not.  They are older than he.  Now I have walked there, but I will bring no report to darken the light of day....

Pre-Moria Member Challenges

ImaHater, Nov 8, 08 5:28 AM.
Well it seems we have some rather industrious kin members who've decided to put their pre-Moria boredom to good use and try some of the iconic LotRO battles with minimal groups, such as duo'ing Helchgam or trio'ing Udunion.

First of all, congratulations to all those who are successful in these challenges!

Second, for those who are linking to screenshots of those events from their posts in the Members forum, I'll add some of them to the Kin Achievements gallery below.

I've always felt we didn't have enough pix in our gallery, and these seem like ideal candidates to add, as both a recognition and celebration of your achievements!  Keep them coming!

We'll Always Remember

Bushedo, Sep 11, 08 9:25 AM.
On the 11th day of September in the year 2001, many children lost their mothers and fathers in the attack on the Twin Towers in New York City.  Thousands of innocent brothers, sisters, friends, aunts, uncles, all lost their lives in this coward attack.

I lost a great friend in this tragic incident and to this day I still cry whenever I see anything related to, or involving 9/11.  He was a great friend and will always be remembered.  Many Americans, whether you knew anyone involved, or even if you didn't, were completely shaken over the lives that were lost that day.  Take a moment of your time to watch this video, and dedicate 1-2 minutes of silence wherever you are to remind yourself of what went on that day, and try and put yourself in another person's shoes who lost someone they love.

I will never forget where I was on September 11th, and I'm sure nobody else will.  We'll always remember those innocent lives that were lost, and we'll never forget.

We Will Never Forget

Kin Achievements (52)
  Annum - Ost Elendil Victory
  BG - Forvengwath - Duo - Skel, Jehu - 1 (Agents)
  BG - Forvengwath - Duo - Skel, Jehu - 2 (Success)
  BG - Udunion - Trio - Skel, Jehu, Illy - 1 (Victory Inc)
  BG - Udunion - Trio - Skel, Jehu, Illy - 2 (Success)
  CD - Barashal - Solo - Trickie - 1 (30k)
  CD - Barashal - Solo - Trickie - 2 (11k)
  CD - Barashal - Solo - Trickie - 3 (Victory Inc)
  CD - Helchgam - Duo - Milfial, Kinloar - 1 (Tents)
  CD - Helchgam - Duo - Milfial, Kinloar - 2 (Rooted!)
  CD - Helchgam - Duo - Milfial, Kinloar - 3 (Victory Inc)
  CD - Helchgam - Duo - Milfial, Kinloar - 4 (Success)
  CD - Urro - Solo - Trickie - 1 (5k)
  CD - Urro - Solo - Trickie - 2 (Victory Inc)
  Fornost - Remmenaeg - Duo - Dwar, Hater - 1
  Fornost - Remmenaeg - Duo - Dwar, Hater - 2 (Victory Inc)
  Fornost - Remmenaeg - Duo - Dwar, Hater - 3 (Success)
  GS - Igash HM - Trio - Bush, Kin, Trick - 1 (Victory Inc)
  GS - Igash HM - Trio - Bush, Kin, Trick - 2 (Success)
  Helegrod - Thorog Victory
  Helegrod - Thorog Victory - Okra and Skele Fight For His Skull!
  Image uploaded by burger156
  Image uploaded by burger156
  Image uploaded by burger156
  Image uploaded by burger156
  Image uploaded by burger156
  Image uploaded by burger156
  Image uploaded by Hokies001
  Image uploaded by mums
  Image uploaded by rinenburg
  Image uploaded by Romley69
  Image uploaded by Romley69
  Image uploaded by Romley69
  Image uploaded by Romley69
  Image uploaded by tarfas8541
  Image uploaded by tarfas8541
  Image uploaded by The_Belain
  Legendary Sentinel's Challenge - Kinloar
  Misc - Helegling - Solo - Underlevel - Riv - 1 (Success)
  Misc - Riptalon - 6-man - 1 (Victory Inc)
  My Axe
  Rift - Thaurlach - 6-man - 1 (Ever-Seer w/Summons)
  Rift - Thaurlach - 6-man - 2 (Wings of the Windlord)
  Rift - Thaurlach - 6-man - 3 (Victory Inc)
  Rift - Thaurlach - 6-man - 4 (Success)
  Rift - Thaurlach - 6-man - Victory Pic
  Turbine trying to hard!
  Uru - Lagmas - Duo - Milfial, Kinloar
  Vile Maw - First Watcher Kill on Arkenstone
  We're taking the chickens to Isengard

Member Pics (24)
  Ettenmoors Races - A Motley Crew
  Ettenmoors Races - A Motley Crew 2
  Glorfindel's Goat Brigade
  Hots - Server-First 50 RK (w/Timestamp)
  Illy Gets Put In His Place
  Image uploaded by Beerdrinker09
  Image uploaded by burger156
  Image uploaded by burger156
  Image uploaded by rinenburg
  Image uploaded by Rokwen
  Kung Fu Fighting
  Okra and Ochra - Creepy
  Okra Rabbit vs. Skele Pumpkinhead
  Our Kin Village (Original)
  Our Kin Village (Updated)
  Skel - Servant of the Master Batar
  Skel's Right - Okra Can't Get Here
  Skel's Wrong - But Okra Can Get Here
  Talk About Terrible Drops...
  We Went to Fornost and All We Got Was This Stupid Pie

Misc. Images (19)
  A Pumpkinhead Mourns the Fallen
  Arkenstone Mag - Insurrection Featured
  Aryante's Pond
  Friday Night
  funny comic
  Gorstag's fantasy of soloing Skybreaker
  Image uploaded by Glornography
  Image uploaded by Glornography
  Image uploaded by tarfas8541
  Image uploaded by tarfas8541
  Image uploaded by tarfas8541
  Is that all there is to Doughnut Holes
  Mmmm. Pies.
  Sorry I missed the CJ DW, dont hurt me !
  The Shire

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